E-Commerce with Shopware

As a freelancer, I specialize in one area rather than being an all-rounder. Therefore, I focus exclusively on providing e-commerce solutions and developing online stores.

Your Path to E-commerce Triumph: A Shopware Online Shop

Embark on a journey to e-commerce success with a Shopware Online Shop. Seamlessly manage inventory, engage customers, and thrive in the digital landscape. Start your journey with us to triumph today!

Distinctive Online Presence: An Individual Design for Your Shop

Leverage our experience to create a distinctive online presence with an individual design for your shop. We understand the importance of standing out from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Your E-commerce Partner: Professional Webshop Development and Dedicated Support

We specialize in professional webshop development, creating customized online stores that drive results. Our dedicated support ensures your webshop runs smoothly, providing timely assistance whenever you need it. Trust us to be your reliable e-commerce partner, delivering exceptional solutions and support to help your business thrive in the digital landscape.

Shopware services

Shop installation

Are you considering a brand-new shop or looking to switch your shop system? Look no further than Shopware – an excellent choice with numerous advantages, making it one of the top shop systems in the market.

Theme Development

Experience fresh and captivating designs for your online shop, be it new or existing. We prioritize your vision and your customers’ needs, ensuring that the design perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Plugin Development

Struggling to find the ideal plugin in the Shopware store? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us create a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates with your Shopware environment, providing you with the functionality you’ve been searching for. 

Shopware 5 > 6

Make the leap from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 effortlessly. Our team of experts will manage the transition, ensuring a consistent migration process. Discover the enhanced functionalities, improved performance, and cutting-edge features of Shopware 6.

Connection to marketplaces

Expand your product reach to Amazon, eBay, and more! Let us handle the marketplace integration for you, effortlessly connecting your Shopware shop to these platforms.

Configure payment methods

We facilitate effortlessly payment experiences for your online shop by setting up popular methods such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, Amazon Pay, and credit card options.

Maintenance contract

Seeking a reliable partner for your Shopware shop’s technical support? Look no further! We provide expert assistance, ensuring smooth operation and performance. Trust us to handle any issues while you focus on your business.

Shopware Updates

Looking to update your Shopware version? Leave it to us! We offer seamless Shopware updates, including security backups for your online shop.


It all begins with a Google search. What keywords are essential for your business? Who is your target audience? Increase website traffic, boost sales, and reach your ideal customers.

Key features of Shopware 6

Key features of Shopware 6

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible product management
  • Content management system
  • Advanced marketing tools
  • Fast storefront
  • Flexible Rule-Builder
  • Extensive plugin ecosystem
  • Convenient media management
  • Multichannel selling
  • Integrated payment and shipping options
  • Scalability and flexibility

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